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You are more versed on mushrooms than I am. Having been raised in the Nievre, I loved fishing with my dad and go in the forest to pick up mushrooms, violettes and coucou in early spring, lily of the valley in April/May... The soil was really good in our forest for ceps and girolles. The trompette de la mort were good too and the roses we would find in the fields. But those are the ones we were familiar with, not any of the others you mentionned. There is nothing like fresh mushrooms. I always wince when I have to buy the dried one, that cost an arm and a leg. The fresh girolles I have bought at Whole foods are not tasty at all. Maybe they are mass produced.


We have all those here also but I thought it would be fun to show other edible ones that most people dont know about. Of course no one should eat a mushroom unless they are 100% sure of what it is. I am going mushroom hunting today!

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